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This blog has been retired. Its content will appear instead as public posts on Google+

This blog has been retired. The same editor will publish content of the same nature as public posts on Google+, from the following Google+ profile:

The posts already published will be maintained for a while, but the blog will eventually be deleted.


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Software for Programming Microbes

From Technology Review (MIT):

…designing the complex biochemical pathways inside such microbes is a time-consuming process of trial and error.

Christopher Voigt, an associate professor at the University of California, San Francisco, hopes to change that with software that automates the creation of “genetic circuits” in microbes. These circuits are the pathways of genes, proteins, and other biomolecules that the cells use to perform a particular task, such as breaking down sugar and turning it into fuel. Voigt and colleagues have so far made basic circuit components in E. coli. They are working with the large California biotechnology company Life Technologies to develop software that would let bioengineers design complete genetic circuits more easily.


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